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Friendly Fur Berlin – The Friendly Blog is our magazine or journal illustrating the world and vision around our #realvalueluxury objects. Dive into our world of highest Berlin senior creative director design, sustainable ethics and premium quality Hand craftmanship. Come in to discover OUR nature, THE nature and what valuable treasures we have to offer for YOUR nature!

Read more about THE REASONS WHY FASHION COMPANIES TRUST FRIENDLY FUR. FriendlyFur© comes from the forest.

Friendly Fur Berlin – The Friendly Blog: Journal and Magazine About our #RealValueLuxury of Nature, Ethics and Hand Craftmanship

  • Apr162021

    The Nobility of Respectful Luxury in Niche Perfumery

    Like most of the luxury brands, I know also Friendly Fur has its perfumery line.

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  • Apr112021
    Human Touch during Corona

    The Human Touch during Corona

    The world has become digital once more since corona. I am thankful for the possibilities that open up for trading and communication with my customers worldwide.

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  • Mrz282021

    The Meaning Of Friendly Fur

    Friendly Fur as a conceptual design brand stands for collecting waste side products from nature care works in fields and forests and giving it a second life in design and luxury

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  • Jun152019

    The fabulous Perfume Filming of The Green Carnation – Sleek and Chic Edition

    We love being creative in every aspect – and doing as much as we can in-house, so to guarantee the look and feel that we aim to.

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  • Jun152019

    Introducing our craft partners for colours FurUnion

    I’m always impressed and humble when it comes to meet ancient handicraft businesses.

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  • Jun152019
    Friendly Fur From Forests

    Friendly Fur from the Forests

    I guess you know already, but let me give you extra insight, where and how our FriendlyFur© comes from the forest.

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