Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Friendly Fur ethical correct and sustainable?

Friendly Fur sources its furs as upcoming waste side products from nature care works in fields and forests. We prevent these pelts from their disposal.

Farming is no subject to Friendly Fur at all.

Where does the pelts come from?

The furs are collected from the forest management in wild nature.

How long does the handmade production take?

The handcrafting takes depending on colour and size of the object between 7 and 20 workdays. In case of a higher request frequency, we will let you know, so to make your decision.

How long does my Friendly Fur object last?

With normal use and care, your Friendly Fur item will last at least a lifetime.

How do I care best for a long life of fur objects?

Caring for fur is very easy because it is easy to brush out. As long as you avoid moisture, abrasion and moths, two to three generations should enjoy the piece.

Do the regular return policies apply at hand made objects, too?

The objects are specially made by hand for each customer, so they do not fall under the (online) right of return. At Friendly Fur, conscious consumption is made possible by good advice – therefore ask before you order. Otherwise, we ask before we start with the object. You are also always welcome in the studio to convince yourself of the quality and the feeling, in case you are not sure.

Why does Friendly Fur speak of objects and not products?

Friendly Fur comes from the arts and crafts. Both have to do with real values and content, which differ significantly from the pure product. To illustrate this advantage in value we speak of objects.

Why does Friendly Fur have no objects on stock?

Friendly Fur stands for conscious consumption and resource conservation. Therefore, within the editions, we only produce the objects that are actually desired.

Why is the jewellery without fur Friendly Fur?

Friendly Fur jewellery is made of silver and gold but takes up the brand philosophy of art and love for nature. The jewellery objects are a homage to flowers and a healthy, loving self-presentation.

Are the perfumes for men and women?

The niche fragrances are deliberately designed for men and women. Friendly Fur has been gender-unspecific since 2007 and believes in the very personal self-awareness of each and every one of our customers.

Why does Friendly Fur do no seasons nor collections?

A normal collection is only up to date for half a year and loses its value at the end of the season. Friendly Fur therefore makes design editions that are limited in number, but not in time. As in art, such inflation is prevented, and better still, an increase in value is achieved.

Why is Friendly Fur more valuable and expensive than farmed fur?

Friendly Fur comes from nature and is very limited, as well as still greatly varying in size and texture. Also, natural fur is never perfect and must therefore be specially prepared by handicraft.