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Friendly Fur Berlin – The Friendly Blog is our magazine or journal illustrating the world and vision around our #realvalueluxury objects. Dive into our world of highest Berlin senior creative director design, sustainable ethics and premium quality Hand craftmanship. Come in to discover OUR nature, THE nature and what valuable treasures we have to offer for YOUR nature!

Read more about THE REASONS WHY FASHION COMPANIES TRUST FRIENDLY FUR. FriendlyFur© comes from the forest.

Friendly Fur Berlin – The Friendly Blog: Journal and Magazine About our #RealValueLuxury of Nature, Ethics and Hand Craftmanship

  • Nov242021

    Mindful Innovative Luxury in Fashion, Jewellery, Perfume and Interior Living

    Finally we are happy to present you our FRIENDLY FUR brand clip. Here we speak about our mission on sustainability, ethical correctness, fair trade and conscious consuption since 2007. Based in Berlin our respectful brand is urban, edgy and artsy related to the arts with no doubt. Also our corporate core value is unmisunderstandingly nature, wilderness and country side heritage tradition and transparent authenticity.

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  • Mai302021
    friendly fur

    Real Estate Sales and Hotel Business

    Contemporary luxury is about real values. Friendly Fur partners exactly at this point as the creative expert for real emotional and psychological values with cozy accessorizing, accentuated interior design objects

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  • Mai232021
    perfume shop

    Holistic Image World of a Complex Brand Made Simple

    My design brand Friendly Fur stands for German wildlife and nature, it stands for the arts and being artsy, it also stands for edginess and being the fresh and innovative underdog of the old-fashioned and stigmatised material fur.

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  • Mai022021
    Fur Shop

    Image Production Means Media Production in which my Luxury Objects Come to Life

    This shooting and picture series is all about the glamorous and celebrity-experienced one and only Kerstin Linnartz with her beloved Friendly Fur Fascinators

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  • Apr302021
    Myself Magazine - Friendly Fur

    Friendly Fur Mentioned In The Life-Style Magazine For Women Myself

    The magazine myself empowers women and reports about fashion, beauty, life, and health. This lifestyle magazine reflects self-confident and emancipated women.

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  • Apr232021
    Fur Shop

    Landpartien And Other Country Side Luxury Markets

    Good to pair up with someone sharing your passion for the exquisite. Even better if they come as a power double pack: Twins-Nr.2 from Düsseldorf – two fabulous women into the chic and extravaganza of the countryside.

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