The fabulous Perfume Filming of The Green Carnation – Sleek and Chic Edition

The fabulous Perfume Filming of The Green Carnation – Sleek and Chic Edition
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We love being creative in every aspect – and doing as much as we can in-house, so to guarantee the look and feel that we aim to. This time I want to show you some pictures from behind the scenes of our artsy filming for the second concept scent by Friendly Fur Berlin: The Green Carnation. I really wanted to create something that is classy and rebellious the same time, smart and traditional, but in an eccentric very individual way.
The thought behind the sleek and chic edition is, to leave space to personality, to reduce bottle and packaging to the maximum of your own radiation, and the perfumes.

I decided to actually ask my neighbour and a friend of mine if they would like to participate in an artsy approach moved media shooting. I explained to them the story and the visual plot and guess what: they were both in. Daniel is a professional hairdresser and fetish model – his random full-body tattoos all over his body grew into a piece of art in its entirety. Robert is a professional classical dancer with an extraordinary athletic body giving a model for antique sculptures.
Both perfectly represent the ambivalence between the fragility of the artistic level The Green Carnation and Niche Perfumery in general ranges representatively for our connoisseurs as well as the strength and power the come with being the self-confident individual they are.
The video has partially being filmed through the perfume bottle self, like the magic view into the crystal bowl having a vision in sight. In this vision, ballroom and white freshly starched shirt mingle with wild forest nature and again mingle with eccentric surrealist sequences inspired by Dali.

The scent, as well as the packaging leave and even, give space for your personality no matter how ambivalent; like the video homogenises different facets to a fabulous whole, so does The Green Carnation peels out and presents this fabulousness that is you.  Feel free to try our samples.

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