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Friendly Fur supplies you with the full service for your Fashion Brand’s mission, in addition to the ethical correct fur on the Garments of your collections:

    • Material             : We deliver the certified Friendly Fur ©. How and where, if  you need it
    • Consulting         : We can also help you discover this precious and unique wild material for best results
    • Production         : We dye, colour, cut, buffer-line, pre-sew, label and steam the trim the way you need
    • Marketing/PR   : We assist with information and material for your sales supporting activities

International expertise and knowledge in the fashion industries and marketing since 2000 enables us to give you the best assistance for smooth production flow, coupled with well-channeled market success.

Feel free to get in touch with us for your Fashion Brands’ personal unbinding offer HERE. Please commit sizes, quantities, and qualities, and we are most happy to calculate your quote without obligation.

Fashion Brands

Fashion Brands

Real fur and a clear conscience! Since 2017 Friendly Fur delivers exactly this: Certified fur with an absolutely transparent ethical background. Seasonal & Local we offer service for customized trims, hoods, collars and linings for your collection. More than 20 years of fashion industry expertise guarantees the best processes in working with you. Not to mention the competitive prices and a PR / marketing support for your brand rounds up this attractive offer for you. If your design team appreciates support about this new material and innovative approach of real wild pelt from Vulpes, Procyon lotor and Myocastor coypus, we also do workshops to introduce the manifold possibilities and particularities. Feel free to request your quote without any obligation HERE

Friendly Fur Berlin runs a very exclusive own atelier in the heart of Berlin right at Frankfurter Tor founded in 2007. We have our authentic and lovable company home in a representative building of the Stalinist era with precious original Meissen Porcelain tiles on the outside facade and valuable wooden planking on the inside walls. Doors can be opened to the public only by appointment.

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