6 Facts why FRIENDLY FUR is much more precious, exclusive and valuable than miink and other farmed furs  – #realvalueluxury

What makes Friendly Fur so much more precious and valuable compared to bad fur grown on farms? Why does Friendly Fur neccessarily must be more expensive and therefore is the true and real value luxury – not the mink, finn raccoon or silver fox from some terrible farming?

6 Facts why FRIENDLY FUR is the real luxury to be proud of!

1: Sourcing

Bad Fur: Just press a button and you will get poor animals out of cages in the measureless kilograms needed.
FRIENDLY FUR: We maintain a complicated Network into the fields and forest to nature preservants and foresters, etc. so to animate them to not through the pelts with the cadaver way, but skin them and send the pelts to us. This process is time and Money costful.

2: Pelt Quality

Bad Fur: The pelt looks perfect and all the same just because the poor animal never saw any nature, but only the sterile cage, and animals with irregularities are being killed and dumped.
FRIENDLY FUR: The pelts might have irregularities, but these animals lived a fulfilled and happy life in nature. Every pelt is as unique and precious as you are, too. Friendly Fur has to put much more design and hand craft into each piece so to make it competitive to the expectations. But we know it better: the wild appeal makes it real precious – so be proud Tailor Made!

3: Assorting Tones of Nature

Bad Fur: All pelts will look the same coming from the same breed and being killed and dumped if there is some colour variation.
FRIENDLY FUR: As we work with the variety of nature from red over yellowish to blackish only talking about the fox (Vulpes vulpes), we take them as they come. Doing so, we have to take much more time and care to assort and combine these colours within its natural range so they will match properly in each object. What an art, patience and effort this is!

4: Fur Quality

Bad Fur: The pelts come immaculate as the animals never touched the dirty Ground or fighted with some predators. If they did, those pelts will never Show as they are being killed and dumped Right away.
FRIENDLY FUR: The animals lived their life in nature with all its rain, earth, sticks and natural Impacts also on their pelts. These imperfections our craftmen need to compense by a lot of extra care in sewing or brushing.

5: Fur Size

Bad Fur: They are bread all the same size. Small ones will be killed and dumped as not market conform.
FRIENDLY FUR: Small or even smaller – we collect every pelt so to protect it from any wasting; and we pay for every size the same skinning fee. Doing so, we take into account that we have to work more and harder, and calculate fair prices, so to create objects that not only are competitive, but fulfil the highest expectations.

6: Processing

Bad Fur: It’s cheap to buy and easy to access, so there’s always plenty – no need for austerity or thrift, always just keeping the best bites of each pelt, and dump the vast leftovers.
FRIENDLY FUR: we use every Little piece of fur doing even Special designs for this Approach. Also if there is little holes from the foresters hunting process: we sew hole by hole to make it even so to also use this part. If there is hair loss from not properly salted drying before sending it over – we just cut around and use the rest, compensing with further fur.
You cannot underestimate this challenge that we are proud to take – Tailor Made.

How to purchase made to measure:

Friendly Fur Berlin runs its exclusive atelier founded in 2007 in the heart of Berlin, right at Frankfurter Tor. The building Friendly Fur resdies in is as authentic as the brand self: built in the Stalinist era of the 1950s, the architecture is called “Zuckerbäckerbau” / Patissery -Style, with precious original Meissen Porcelain tiles on the outside facade and valuable wooden planking on the inside walls. Welcoming you by appointment or vial mail:

  1. E-mail us  with your wishes – don’t forget to share your mobile number
  2. We call you back for a free interview
  3. Followed by our unbinding estimation
  4. After your confirmation we will meet up at our Atelier for measures and detailed sparring, or doing a zoom to accompanie your self-measuring
  5. Your first design will be presented after a few days – changes will be noted and realised
  6. Your adjusted design will be presented after a few days  – changes will be noted
  7. The final design will be realised as a fitting sample
  8. Sample-fitting at the Atelier –  changes will be realised immediately; otherwise we ship the sample to you for self-fitting via zoom
  9. Fitting with your dream coat or jacket designed by and made from Friendly Fur + your free photo shooting at the Atelier including a  professional hair makeup artist.