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Above all, Friendly Fur specializes in premium quality fur. In addition to the latest designs and styles. In other words, we offer the highest quality products.

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Firstly, we deliver certified Friendly Fur. Secondly, we dye, color, cut, buffer-line, pre-sew, label and steam the trim the way you need. Thirdly, we help you discover this precious and unique wild material, subsequently the best results. Moreover, we assist with information and material for your sales support activities.

Shop with Friendly Fur

Firstly, we have international expertise and knowledge in the fashion industries and marketing. Therefore, we give you the best assistance for smooth production flow. Further, we provide help to your company leading towards market success. In addition, Tailor-made Friendly Fur is designed and produced to match your distinctiveness.

Secondly, Faux fur certainly cannot imitate the look or feel of an authentic fur. However, Friendly Fur is lavish, warm and breathable in other words it is amazingly attractive. In addition, our fur from natural supplies is eco-friendly, renewable. and sustainable. Thirdly, It is certainly a great substitute for Synthetic fur that harms the environment. However, the production of Synthetic materials takes up to three times more energy.


Further, we have a deep knowledge of processes in nature. Certainly, we believe that it is best to take a farsighted approach while dealing with natural sources, as a result, we use natural sources. Moreover, FriendlyFur© comes from the forest. In addition, our fur collecting process involves a network of hunters and nature conservationists. Further, you can read about THE REASONS WHY FASHION COMPANIES TRUST FRIENDLY FUR.

In conclusion, Friendly Fur certainly follows Nature Caren and Ethical Values. In addition to Exclusivity, Berlin Master Handcraft, and Smart Designs.

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