The Nobility of Respectful Luxury in Niche Perfumery

The Nobility of Respectful Luxury in Niche Perfumery
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Like most of the luxury brands, I know also Friendly Fur has its perfumery line. At Friendly Fur so far we offer two niche perfumes coming in two different editions and intensities. I personally find it very intriguing to express my brand vision in scent.

The olfactive world has always been a big love of mine and for sure has the conceptual challenge about brand and branding. My first niche perfume concept scent is À Rebours in the arts & crafts niche perfume edition from 2009 – truly a collector’s icon.

This concept scent is all handmade and designed as the world’s first perfume coming in a fur coat, being 100% refillable by its refill tubes and fully sustainable. Even the packaging concept is created as a lovable object you will not want to waste – a precious up-cycling black box for perfumed love letters or pressed flowers in its afterlife.

The second arts & crafts niche perfume of mine is The green Carnation; all hand filled and comes with a real museum freeze-dried carnation flower: this is lived real value luxury! Such an object is delicate and very difficult to prepare. It’s an absolute collector’s object for veritable connoisseurs appreciating the real, the exceptional, and the authentic in smart conceptual luxury.

If you now are intrigued to know more, feel free to listen to my two niche perfume concept scent olfactory podcasts or watch my mood clips HERE.
In this blog entry, I tell you about my chic & sleek edition of Friendly Fur Niche Perfumes. In my concept and design, I get rid of everything unnecessary as the contraposition of arts and crafts. Everything in between these two consequent positions, super-reduced or highly crafty, nothing makes sense nowadays.

So, I use a truly blacked recycled carton without glaze and without any inlay at all but made to measure it to tailor fit the bottle directly. I chose no further color for its printing than the perfume oil color self, brought on by screen printing. Last, but not least I chose to not use any lid. There is no purpose to it, and at added its production is a huge energetic effort with unhealthy materials being used.

Reduction to the maximum! If you are really into lids and caps you must not worry. If you make your decision consciously for a bottle cap, Friendly Fur Perfumes offers you a tailor-made and hand-crafted fur hat to add to your or any other bottle. Discover my valuable addition for your Friendly Fur Perfumes or any other perfume that needs a glamorous up-standard in a sustainable way.

Friendly Fur bottle hats are luxuriously hand-made from the short paw furs and come in various unique colors and variations; every object a unique piece of real value luxury by my beloved Friendly Fur Berlin.