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The Friendly Fur bag loves you! And you will fall in love with our variety at Friendy Fur bags. Experience the simplicity of the design inspired by Bauhaus. And get blown away by the elegant and glamorous glow the ray.

Friendly Fur Bag is our branch that includes clutches and hand bags, chest pouches, sacs and back packs.

At our bags we try to keep it simple and let the valuable material of real wild fur shine. Please have a special eye on the highly precious combinations: you can discover best zippers, hand made buttons and snap techniques for locking. Experience the tech fabric water proof linings and our 100% cashmere blinding in addition to for example lush silk cords.

For you we designed the Friendly Fur Bag as module object with more than one usage. The BagPack is a combination of sac bag and backpack. Cords make it easy for you to lock and put on your back, hand grip will give you the pleasure in carrying it by hand.

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