“FriendlyFur© is like woodland strawberries.  They basically are an open-source, but you have to collect them manually to gain a reasonable still unpredictable amount. It requires a huge effort and patience to collect fruits that are so small and growing in the wilderness. They might come with little soiling and damages leading to a more complicated and less efficient processing. But exactly this creates their extreme value making them a source of uncompromised and truly royal taste – a manifold satisfaction.


When I think of Friendly Fur I think of an art gallery, some artsy Show and a full-on urban life. At the same time I picture lush nature, untouched places in the fields and forests with wildflowers blossoming, maybe some butterfly landing on a woodland strawberry…why not. To me, Friendly Fur has always been the missing link between these two perhaps colliding extremes in the most harmonious and imaginable way. Nature meets NEONgreen meets urban-architecture meets golden luxury meets woodland strawberries meets the heritage country style meets nobility – meets YOU.


The Brand FRIENDLY FUR BERLIN has been launched in 2007 and founded as a company in 2015. It covers the full spectrum of concept stores and one-stop-shops with accessories, gadgets, clothing, interior, living and perfumery. Moreover, all the objects come with the NEONgreen certification label guaranteeing the decree that Friendly Fur stands for. NEON symbolizes the contemporary urban feel and green refers to nature. I believe in limited design editions of unique pieces from nature. I don’t believe in seasonal and self-inflationary collections.


CLASSIC covers the lushness of fur, the richness of colors and just the finest of silks and cashmere in decent down-toned classical colors.
experiments hard on the edge of new furs like nutria. The designs play with natural und coloured fur in combination with radically innovative elements like unusual materials, cuts and shapes. Artsy only uses natural or black in fur, combined with NEONgreen, white or gold / chrome in lining.


Working with wild fur from nature demands special care and knowledge. Read about the challenges at Absolute Value


FriendlyFur© is the world’s first and only independent brand and certification for real wild fur coming from nature. Read more at Certification and Absolute Value



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