WE GUARANTEE with our Certification Label: 


We are not related to the hunting lobby, the furrier’s guild or the pelt industries.

Ethical Correct:

We only use the upcoming pelts that result from nature care works and the sustainable harvest of nature.

Fair Trade:

We pay German loans for skinning, sewing and colouring according to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), because we believe in fairness as an important value adding to a fine product.

Support your Local:

We work with regional furriers and foresters, as well as we we support other reagions’ local approaches of upcyling.

Master Hand Craft:

All our objects are carefully produced by hand only – no industries or mass fabrication  involved.

Positive Contemporary Brand:

The Brand Friendly Fur is respected and positive without any negative stigma; fresh and contemporary in its look&feel coming from the city of innovation: Berlin

Up Cycling:

We process the wild furs, preventing them from their abolishment, transforming nature care waste into a very precious material through many logistical and crafty processes.

CO² Balance:

We source and produce local – doing so keep the ways short and our eco footprint small.

Poison Free:

We don’t use Chrome IV according to the REACH decree listed in the ECHA candidate list.

FBC / Respect:

We work after our Full Body Concept – using off any little piece of fur against its waste respecting this valuable source of nature. Read more on Tailor Made

Friendly Fur is proud to be independent from the hunters lobby, the pelt industries and the furrier’s guild – we explicitly step back from their politics.


Nature Care 100%
Ethical Values 100%
Exclusivity 100%
Berlin Masterhandcraft 100%
Smart Design 100%


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