Friendly Fur from the Forests

Friendly Fur from the Forests
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Friendly Fur From Forests

I guess you know already, but let me give you extra insight, where and how our FriendlyFur© comes from the forest. Its a network of hunters and nature conservationists who participate in our collecting network. When I found out in 2007 that 85% of the pelts would be thrown away and dumped to the litter as waste, I was truly confused: I could not understand, why on the one hand side there are animals being grown on farms in the horrible scenario because people love fur, but on the other hand side, there are wonderful pelts resulting from forest management and being wasted to the trash.
I come from a family where my father is exactly one of these conservationists working in nature; in my family, it was self understandingly to use everything coming up from hunting: from boar meat, that we processed all ourselves and wood that we lumbered until upcoming pelts that had not been put to the bin, but being processed – even though there was no need for a fur, but just from the respect towards animal and nature.

Knowledge about processes in nature as well as a measured and farsighted dealing with its sources is the best one can apply before monocultures, industries, synthetics and farming.

It is important to be educated about the facts – what is good and why? What is bad and why? Everybody should know the correlation so as to make his own decision. I never accuse of a wrong decision – as we all have done and will do things we are not proud of. But basically and mainly at least we have the duty to be conscious and aware of what’s going on.
I am lucky that I have always been supported by experts like the NABU if I was on the right track with my visionary idea and approach to work with foresters and conservationists back in 2007, with the approach to make wild waste fur marketable again. The nature executives were with me, the hunter’s lobby DJV was not. They neither felt the necessity nor the possibility of using this precious source. So I built up my network that I have today all by myself convincing step by step talking and visiting directly that it will pay off for every single one to do a little extra work after hunting: the skinning. Yes, I constantly go to visit partners in the forests of Germany or Switzerland with great pleasure so to see myself and get grounded for nature.

Today it seems obvious to not waste fur, but it wasn’t at all only until I founded Friendly Fur.
Today Friendly Fur sources four species that result from nature care preventing from its abolishment creating relevant valuable and long living design objects for life: German Red Fox , American Raccoon, Nutria and Musk Rat.


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