Introducing our craft partners for colours FurUnion

Introducing our craft partners for colours FurUnion
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I’m always impressed and humble when it comes to meet ancient handicraft businesses. Especially in Germany, they become fewer every day facing hard competition with soulless industrial mass work and tough markets globalisation. One of such rare survivors is FurUnion – the company that does hand colouring of pelts locally. Actually, it is the last remaining enterprise doing so in Germany at all, after everyone else had to close down after the recession of fur on the markets.

On the one hand side, I am glad for the movement to have succeeded reducing the usage of farmed fur and animal cruelty, on the other hand, the side I feel sorry for the craftspeople who worked and lived from this ancient tradition. They all have missed the change to change towards measure and alternative with the effect of bankruptcy.

I must admit that my commiseration is limited for those, who failed to adopt and thought that animal cruelty was an ongoing stream of money. I rather appreciate undertakers like FurUnion to have had enough empathy to adopt.

It’s incredible how many steps are necessary to dye and colour and clean and wash and prepare and soften the sustainable skins to evolve from the waste side product that they are into the glamorous Friendly For they become.

Handcrafts never are glamorous, because all the processing steps are hard work and focused knowledge. I feel blessed to have such groundwork being done for Friendly Fur so we can concentrate on creating the luxurious and smart thoughtful objects you expect and appreciate from us knowing, we have many possibilities being locally brought to life for our design editions like for example the champagne bottle bag “St Moritz”.

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