Holistic Image World of a Complex Brand Made Simple

Holistic Image World of a Complex Brand Made Simple
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My design brand Friendly Fur stands for German wildlife and nature, it stands for the arts and being artsy, it also stands for edginess and being the fresh and innovative underdog of the old-fashioned and stigmatised material fur. Friendly Fur stands for gender fluidness and emancipation as well as for ethical values in luxury.

Well, does this picture speak to you, too? My approach was to bring in all the latter described facets into an aesthetically meaningful and storytelling picture – artsy, strong and edgy between nature and high glamour luxury. The strong women spray her tag as graffiti at night on the wall as she actually follows her instincts like a fox, marking her territory on an old oak tree. For the picture and as brand support I asked a friend and fellow creative Dawid Tomaschewski for these two pieces of luxury fashion.

In this picture, the Friendly Fur focus is on the iconic perfume in a fur flacon – brand symbol and symbol. À Rebours is my first brand’s perfume and is designed to be a beacon object for my holistic vision and out-of-the-box thinking. The naming is crucial to the brand: À Rebours means against the grain, to do things differently than the norm, to swim up the stream. Also, it obviously refers to the grains that my conceptual design brand is based upon working with real wild fur.

The forest scene is framed by a collage bouquet of ingredients – reminiscence to old lack pictures for diaries in the fin de siècle. Oak leaves, carnation flower, violet and a lot of wild rose -as my niche perfume concept scent is a classical modern rose scent- are playfully accompanied by a wild German butterfly called Kleiner Fuchs “little fox” (Aglais urticae), and a huge impression and very rare German wildlife beetle called Hirschkäfer “deer beetle” (Lucanus Cervus).