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November 24, 2021 FRIENDLY FUR BERLIN
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Finally we are happy to present you our FRIENDLY FUR brand clip. Here we speak about our mission on sustainability, ethical correctness, fair trade and conscious consuption since 2007. Based in Berlin our respectful brand is urban, edgy and artsy related to the arts with no doubt. Also our corporate core value is unmisunderstandingly nature, wilderness and country side heritage tradition and transparent authenticity. All our branches – Interior living, Jewellery, Garments, Accessories, Perfumes, Gadgets – reflect exactly these components united in one brand. You can experience this with our objects such as fur blankets, cushions, carpets, bomber jackets, ponchos, capes, scarves, stoles, colars, hats and bobble hats, hip bags, mitts, earrings, niche perfumes and concept scents.

The mood clip gives an insight into where we source, how we produce, where we are positioneed and who our customer are. Also I personally take to to my Berlin Atelier to accompany my for a photo shooting.

Credit: Concept and production:, camera: Yugen Yah, model: Jonathan K.
Special thanks to: W Springorum/ Alhambra Berlin, Christian Zilinski/ Schlosshotel Grunewald, Sergey Koskov