Image Production Means Media Production in which my Luxury Objects Come to Life

Image Production Means Media Production in which my Luxury Objects Come to Life
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This shooting and picture series is all about the glamorous and celebrity-experienced one and only Kerstin Linnartz with her beloved Friendly Fur Fascinators: I am giving last instructions to my dear friend Kerstin of how I want the look for the picture and this Friendly Fur object. This little hairpiece is one of the very few Fascinators I ever made.

I created it from traditional Balinese gold plated leaves and blossoms paired with just a little bit of German red fox fur to bed it appropriately. I am so blessed and honored that this strong and caring woman I can call my friend is totally convinced of my ethical and sustainable approach with Friendly Fur.

Kerstin is not only a very renowned presenter on stage and TV but also a yoga queen and life coach at her brand BeBetter.EU. If she cares for something, it can’t be anything less than ethically correct, sustainable, and respectful with our own nature and the nature that surrounds us.

Friendly Fur is totally devoted to these and further values. The Fascinator made from German red fox by Friendly Fur is yet again an example of how to create something positive, joyful, and lovable to make people happy with a clear conscience. The pictures that we produced are splendid, elegant, and very classy in a down-to-earth kind of way.

Kerstin is truly a chameleon and looks different in every motive with every different fascinator I created. From femme Fatale to angel – the glamorous amplitude of luxury is broad. But her humorous and heartily facets come across best in this outtake.

At this point, I have to thank Manuel Krug as the photographer transforming my photographic concepts and settings into pixels. It’s his hand that you see in the corner of the photo. Thank you Kerstin, and thank you, Manuel – always a great pleasure!