Landpartien And Other Country Side Luxury Markets

Landpartien And Other Country Side Luxury Markets
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Good to pair up with someone sharing your passion for the exquisite. Even better if they come as a power double pack: Twins-Nr.2 from Düsseldorf – two fabulous women into the chic and extravaganza of the countryside.

Friendly Fur met Susanne and Simone as neighbors on our booths at the Jagd & Hund Trade fair at the Dortmunder Westfalen Hallen. The Jagd & Hund is the world-leading trade show for countryside -, nature- and the hunting- lifestyle. This energetic twin sisters team fell in love with Friendly Fur and its glamorous appeal thus a sustainable approach.

Twins-Nr.2 brought the sales to a new category by introducing my brand to luxury outings and hayrides – the countryside markets and direct sales fairs right at the customers’ environment: castles, nobility, countryside, and manor houses. “Landpartien”, as hayrides and outings are called in the German language, is a very classy, characterful, and lovable market event.

Here Friendly Fur can offer its crafty and luxurious objects, garments, living accessories, and accessories to customers in a luxurious and authentic environment. Castles, nobility, and manor houses with lush gardens and fairytale romance settings radiate the feel of tradition, glamour, and good values. Friendly Fur can totally relate to this and adds to it at the same time.
Thank you, Susanne and Simone, from Twins-Nr.2!