SCENT HEAD – Perfume Bottle Fur Hat, 2018 Design Edition

SCENT HEAD – Perfume Bottle Fur Hat, 2018 Design Edition

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Fur Hat as Cap / Lid for the Chic & Sleek Edition Concept Scent Perfumes.

No Cap, no colour than the colour of the perfume self, no plastic, no inlay, no in-recycled carton – these are the value based differences that come with my concept scent perfumes.

If you are really into caps and you know you need a lid I will not leave you hanging.

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Instead of producing unconsciously plastic waste, going indifferently for some random throw-away lid just coming on some bottle, feel free to consciously make the decision to purchase this masterly crafted little hyper-luxury fur hat for your Perfume bottle À Rebours or The Green Carnation. Of course they will fit on every other perfume of your valuable collection, so you will never dump it. My perfume hats “Scent-Head” are collectors items as they come in manifold variations. None looks the same.

4 x 4 cm

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Specie - Colour

Paw Fur – Nature, Paw Fur – Black, Paw Fur – Petrol, Paw Fur – Warm Grey, Fox – Nature, Fox – Black, Fox – Petrol, Fox – Warm Grey, Nutria – Nature, Musk Rat – Nature

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