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    BATIK ART OBJECTS – Dip Dyed Cashmere Unique Pieces , 2020: Edition N°1

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    BATIK ART OBJECTS is a very special edition indeed: these precious object come as absolute unique pieces. The process of dip dying 100% cashmere is absolutely delicate and takes a lot of knowledge and patience. The process for one only object takes several days during which the order and execution of each step of procedure has to be conducted masterly. Besides this rare fusio of craftmanship on highest evel, these objects deserve full attention in their artistic approach and design: I play with two contradictionary genres by taking their symbols. Fur and lush cashmere stands for tradition, establishment, glamour and luxury; the appreciaton of well to do quality. Batik/ dip dye stand for the hippiesque, the bohemien, the alternative lifestyle to this establishment. I even emphasised this feel by using a minimal construction of finish keeping stitchings visible, achieving this light and down to earth feel, rather humble and casual; no lining covers the beautiful backside, no decorative buttons compete with the eclectic pattern. The black fur is consequently serving as framing staging the elegant livelyness fabulously. Only on rare occasion the fram was allowed to adopt to its motive by using a matching colour. Nevertheless the look&feel of each object is unmisunderstandingly art, artsy, bohemien but drop dead elegant and elitist - probably on the most humble and charming way possible. 130 x 130 cm Cape Yello Triangle Nr. 1 Cape Yello Triangle Nr. 2 130 x 130 cm Cape Olive Triangle Nr. 1 Cape Olive Triangle Nr. 2 165 x 50 cm Stole Blue 125 x 28 cm Scarf Red Black 134 x 28 cm Scarf Green 72 12 cm Collar Rose Yellow Nr. 1 Collar Rose Yellow Nr. 2 Collar Rose Yellow Nr. 3 Collar Rose Yellow Nr. 4 72 x 12 cm Collar Olive Nr. 1 Collar Olive Nr. 2 Collar Olive Nr. 3 Collar Olive Nr. 4 Collar Olive Nr. 4
    Regular Price: 550.00 incl.VAT1,800.00 incl.VAT
    Regular Price: 550.00 incl.VAT1,800.00 incl.VAT
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