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    TOP MY LAB – Maxi Clutch/ Labtop Case/ Cushion To Go, 2010 Design Edition

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    It's huge for what it is - and as such does make a statement. Is it a laptop case? ...or do I want to wear it as a maxi clutch? ...also I could stuff it with my sweater and use it as a pillow in the park. It's fabulous! Drop dead cool and unquestionably elegant. Highest of luxury in craft and design. The inner part is lined with an anti slide tech fabric. The zipper goes two quarters around. 25 x 40  cm
    I don't believe in stock. All our objects of an edition will be produced freshly on Your order demand only. Doing so we guarantee best and individual quality for You. The craftsmanship will approximately take around 10-20 days. [video width="1080" height="1920" mp4=""][/video]
    Regular Price: 520.00 incl.VAT
    Regular Price: 520.00 incl.VAT
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