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    CHESTER – Neck Pouch , 2018 Design Edition

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    This Neck Pouch is master piece of hand craft en miniature. Super playful and detailed I designed it as something jewellery-like and precious. The smaller the gift bag the more valuable the gift to expect- that's what they say. Well, it's true and must not always be a diamond ring; it can be such gorgeous gem from cashmere and fur. The front is decorated with paw fur and regular fur. The backside is pure and finest cashmere. The lining is waterproof tech fabric to keep your cell phone or credit cards dry and cosy the same time. As I do like my contemporary designs bedded in  timeless values: this little hanging wallet or mini bag comes with one of those latch spring-locks that are working with tension, just as we might know it from portemonnaies and key cases. The cords are glamorous from valuable silk satin. 17 x 12 cm the bag itself 35 cm the silk satin cord
    I don't believe in stock. All our objects of an edition will be produced freshly on Your order demand only. The craftsmanship will approximately take around 10-20 days.
    Regular Price: 270.00 incl.VAT
    Regular Price: 270.00 incl.VAT