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    MESSYAS – Pencil Case, 2018 Design Edition

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    MessyAss or Messiahs? Both - cause I am a messy ass and this lovely pencil case appears to me like the messiah with salvation keeping my stuff neat and orderly.  Truly a class of its own this pencil case is being master hand crafted from the little bits of paw fur of a red fox. Lots of fiddly work. But worthwhile indeed. Also I create this luxurious lovable gadget from Nutria and Musk Rat fur experimenting with textures as in constructivism.  The lining is tech fabric to keep things clean and wet-protected.  Its diagonal silhouette at the oval profile front corresponding with the triangle profile back is inspired by a fox strolling through the grass. The Zippers correspond elegantly with the fur colour - also feel free to ask for our colour-contrast series, in which the zipper is screaming neon green or pink or orange etc.. Buy the Fur Pencil Case Online - fully made from rare and precious paw fur in detailed handy craft. 26 x 9 cm D
    I don't believe in stock. All our objects of an edition will be produced freshly on Your order demand only. The craftsmanship will approximately take around 10-20 days.
    Regular Price: 280.00 incl.VAT
    Regular Price: 280.00 incl.VAT