Friendly Fur Berlin – Designer luxury from ethical Source

“FriendlyFur© is like woodland strawberries – an open-source, but only collectible in unpredictable quantities and with big effort and patience, with fruits, small in size with little soiling and damages, but of uncountable value for exactly these reasons for its uncompromised truly royal taste and manifold aromas.” Friendly Fur Berlin is an ethical luxury designer brand that works with special care and knowledge Philosophy.



When I think of Friendly Fur brand designs I think of an art gallery, some artsy show, the full-on extravagant urban life. At the same time, I picture lush nature, untouched places in the fields and forests with wildflowers blossoming and here and there some butterfly landing on a woodland strawberry…why not. To me, Friendly Fur has always been the missing link between these two, perhaps colliding extremes in the most harmonic every imaginable way. Nature meets NEONgreen meets urban-architecture meets golden luxury meets woodland strawberry meets heritage country style meets nobility meets you.



The Brand FRIENDLY FUR BERLIN has been launched in 2007 and founded as a company in 2015. It covers the full spectrum of concept stores and one-stop-shops with accessories, gadgets, clothing, interior, living, and perfumery. All Objects come with the NEONgreen certification labeling guaranteeing the statutes that Friendly Fur stands for. NEON symbolizes the contemporary urban feel and green suggests nature. The brand is deeply bedded in the art world where we have Objects – no products, Editions – no collections. We believe in limited design editions of unique pieces from nature.



The inspiration for our designs is manifold: Art forum, Mondrian, Bauhaus, black forest, nobility, countryside, horseback riding, mountain hiking, Flemish stills, black and white classic movies, Marlene Dietrich, 20ties, the ballet,… all this NG brings into his objects.



CLASSIC covers the lushness of fur, the richness of colors and just the finest of silks and cashmere in decent down-toned classical colors. Mostly tone-in-tone German red fox or American raccoon is being used. ARTSY experiments hard on the edge of new furs like nutria. The designs play with nature and radical anarchistic elements by unusual cuts and shapes. Artsy only use natural or black in combination with NEONgreen or white for the partially experimental linings or trims.



Furrier is one of the human’s ancient handcrafts – it had time to refine and blossom to a one of a kind master handcraft. All the steps it takes are many: Hunting, skinning, drying, tanning, dying, conditioning, cleaning, stretching, designing, pattern making, grain-lay outing, cutting, sewing, cleaning, lining, and steaming. Working with wild fur from nature demands special care and knowledge.



FriendlyFur Berlin is the world’s first and only independent brand and certification for real wild fur coming from nature. It is an up-cycled waste side product from nature care works, so to prevent this valuable source from its abolishment. It is like woodland strawberries – an open-source, only collectible in unpredictable quantities with big effort and patience, small in size and with little soiling and damages yet to be corrected, BUT of uncountable value for exactly these reasons and its uncompromised taste.



Friendly Fur Berlin is the most exciting and harmonic contemporary design brand and certification from Berlin. Friendly Fur stands for local and fair master handcraft working with a waste side product: real wild fur as the most luxury source directly from the fields and forests of nature. Traditionally classic heritage looks and an urban architectural art gallery pieces are being created by this international role model brand. If you believe in real value luxury rather than plain status symbol you will love Friendly Fur where we believe in the usage and protection of an intact nature rather than farming, animal suffering, monocultures, synthetics and industries. Friendly Fur stands for editions rather than collections, for objects rather than products as we come from the arts – and art is what we do.





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