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What to do if I don’t like the Object?

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Why is Friendly Fur’s independence so important?

In times of doubtful green washing and inflationary certification we strongly believe in credibility and transparency. Being independent from big players and influential lobbies is the only way. Our customers appreciate exactly this.

What Species are being used for Friendly Fur at the moment?

German Red Fox

American Raccoon

Musk Rat


What is the design approach of Friendly Fur?

Classic is aimed to be the fresh interpretation of heritage emotions, classy elegance and country style look and feel.
Artsy is aimed to be architecturally sleek and avant-garde with an contemporary art gallery look and feel.

Eccentric quirkiness might occur occasionally.

Why are you speaking of Design Editions?

Founder Nikolas Gleber comes from the arts. Its mechanisms are devoted to give value to the objects rather than devaluate. So at Friendly Fur we speak of objects and not products, and we do limited design editions and not collections. The Designs last as long as the last number of a kind has been sold.

How to care for fur and cashmere Objects?

These valuable natural materials are very easy to take care for by punctually softly dap on the spots with shampoo and hand warm water and afterwards with dry towel. Sometimes brushing the fur softly is already sufficient. Don’t wash or dry. Dark, cool and vacuum-storage is better than hot and humid in case of non-usage. Protect from insects.

How do you know, that its true?

We know our partners. We know their habitats not seldom even from eyesight. And the species that Friendly Fur works with are never grown and cultivated on farms anyways.

For every buying we get the filled in, dated and signed confirmation of origin.

What are the reasons for decimating certain species?

The balance of the biodiversity, the threatening of ground breeders, the prevention from overpopulation are some of the reasons for hunting.

Measured, farsighted usage and smart, careful protection of nature before monocultures and industries, synthetics and farming is the valuable truth for the sustainable well being that we head for.

Where do the pelts come from?

The pelts come from the fields and forest of local nature reserves, hunters and conservationists in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland, as well as Canada.

Why is Friendly Fur “friendly” (ethical correct and sustainable)?

Friendly Fur is friendly because we use a waste product from nature care works. We don’t pay for hunting or any bounty, but only to not through these upcoming pelts away. Beforehand these pelts and whole cadavers have been dumped! Friendly Fur in 2007 invented the skinning-fee (Abbalgprämie).

Farming is no subject to Friendly Fur at all.

Friendly Fur FAQs

Faux fur cannot imitate the look or feel of an authentic fur. However, Friendly Fur is warm, breathable and amazingly attractive. Most importantly, our fur from natural supplies is eco-friendly, ethical correct, renewable and sustainable. So, Friendly Fur is a great substitute for synthetic fur that harms the environment. On the other hand, the production of synthetic materials takes up to three times more energy.

Furthermore, we have a deep knowledge of processes in nature. In other words, we believe that it is best to take a farsighted approach while dealing with natural sources to monocultures, industries, synthetics, and farming. Read more about THE REASONS WHY FASHION COMPANIES TRUST FRIENDLY FUR. FriendlyFur© comes from the forest. Most importantly, our fur collecting process involves a network of hunters and nature conservationists.

We have international expertise and knowledge in the fashion industries and marketing. Therefore, we give you the best assistance for smooth production flow and well-channeled market success. Moreover, the tailor made Friendly Fur is designed and produced to match your distinctiveness.

In conclusion, Friendly Fur is all about Nature Care, Ethical Values, Exclusivity, Berlin Master Handcraft and Smart Designs – Real Value Luxury from Berlin.


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